Top 5 Windows 10 Features of 2020

Microsoft frequently releases new Windows updates for its users with new exciting features for better user experience and to introduce new things into its Operating System. It is anticipated that the first big update of 2020 is set to be released in May 2020 and this update will be named 20H1 update and it is rumored to bring the following 5 new features:

Top 5 Windows 10 Features of 2020

1. New Cortona Experience

This new update will bring a new exciting feature and that is changed Cortona experience and interface. Microsoft will try to improve Cortona with the addition of some new features. You will be now able to type queries instead of speaking loudly on the microphone. Cortona will also have support for dark and light mode. It is also said that it will have improved and better performance. There will also be an addition of a new speech and language model.

2. Instant Event Creation

The next feature is about event creation and with this new feature you will be able to create an Event in almost no time. This feature will let you create an event from the Calendar on the taskbar. Just open the calendar from the taskbar, choose a date and time for the event along with the description of the event and event will be created.

3. Faster Windows Search

With the last update of 2019, Microsoft introduced an enhanced search mode feature, making the searches much faster. Microsoft further focuses to improve this feature by fixing the issues related to disk usage, CPU usage, and other performance-related problems. Microsoft will include a new algorithm that will automatically identify high disk usage and once identified, the PC will adjust itself and try to reduce the disk usage.

One of the downsides in Windows 10 devices is that Windows Searches are quite slow as compared to other Operating Systems. With this new update, this problem will also be resolved as users will now experience faster Windows searches. This will make it easier and convenient for the users to search for files and folders on their Windows 10 devices.

4. Task Manager

Task Manager has always been a major part of the Windows but it hadn’t gotten any recent updates lately, however, this is going to change as Task Manager will get some new additions in the new update of Windows 10.

Task Manager will now show you about the type of disk, SSD or HDD in your PC. This will make it easier for the users to sort out which of their disk is of which type.

Task Manager will also display your GPU temperature, too. Yes, if you have a dedicated GPU with new drivers then its temperature will be shown in the Task Manager. It is only for dedicated GPUs and not integrated GPUs.

5. Cloud Windows Downloading

Another very anticipated feature that will come in 2020 is Cloud Windows Downloading. You will be able to use this feature when you are resetting your PC. When you will choose to reset your PC and remove everything from the Settings, then you will be to use the Cloud Download option. Rather than installing Windows from the old files on your system, it will download the latest version of Windows 10 from the internet and install it. This will let you have a brand new PC with the latest update and it will save much of your time. Windows 10 Reset feature will become much more powerful with the addition of this new option.

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