How To Make Google Chrome Run Faster?

It is no doubt that Google Chrome is currently the best internet browser available through which you can access the internet. It is fast, secure, and better than most of the other browsers in many different ways. However, due to some reasons, Google Chrome can slow down on your PC.

This usually occurs if there are many programs opened in the background or there is some malware on your PC that is slowing Google Chrome down. Whatever the reason may be, the main issue here is that Google Chrome is running slow. To fix this issue and make Google Chrome run faster, here are some things that you can do.

Update to the latest version

Google Chrome works best when it is on its latest version. This is due to the fact that with the new version the bugs and issues are fixed and the program performs optimally as it should.

Close any unnecessary/unused tabs

Most people have a habit of keeping multiple tabs open, even though those tabs don’t have a particular function. This can cause Chrome to slow down because even though that tab isn’t being used, it still uses the RAM and Chrome has to work harder to function which causes it to slow down.

It is recommended that when you’re not using a particular tab then you close it to improve the performance of Google Chrome.

Remove any unwanted extension

Extensions are small programs that you can add to Chrome and each extension brings a special function along with it. If there are many extensions running then they can also slow down Chrome, therefore, if you have any unwanted extension then you can remove those extensions to speed up Google Chrome.

Close background apps

If there are any apps that you are not using and running the background then you should close those apps and programs to speed up Chrome. Those apps and programs also use resources and can slow down the performance of Google Chrome. It is recommended that you close background apps if you’re not using them.

Scan your PC for Malware/Viruses

If your PC is infected by malware or viruses then they can drastically slow down your whole PC including Google Chrome. If you suspect that your PC is infected by malware or viruses then you should run a scan using an antivirus program and search for any viruses that could be potentially slowing down the performance of Google Chrome.

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