What Is an Idle Clicker Game?

Idle Game or Incremental Games are a type of video game which involves the player performing a single function for an extended period of time such as clicking or tapping on the screen. In some games, as the game progress forward and time passes by, even clicking or tapping becoming unnecessary as the upgrades in the game take care of everything.

The objective of the idle or incremental games is to gain as much currency as the player can by performing a simple action such as tapping or clicking and buy certain upgrades & items which in turn help the user with the gameplay and once the game settles, the player needn’t perform any actions as the game progress itself. Items and upgrades including certain buildings that increase the production of the currency and the abilities which also enhance currency production.

Some of the Idle Games feature a reset button where the player can reset all the progress of the game and start the game from scratch or gain another form of currency.

Idle Games may have a winning condition where after reaching a certain level/progress in the game, the game finishes or it may allow the player to play the game as long as they want it.