What is Cookie Clicker?

Play Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is a free to play game which was released in 2013 and since its release, it has become a very popular game to play online. It is currently available to play on web and its public Android beta has also been released, while the iOS app is currently in development. It is a great game for someone who wants to kill time as once you become immersed in the game, you won’t see how quickly time passes by.

The objective of the game is to bake as many cookies as you can by clicking on a giant cookie. As you bake more cookies, upgrades become available and you can avail the baked cookies to buy those upgrades. As the game progress, upgrades become more and more expensive and your cookie production increases and you needn’t click the cookie yourself. The upgrades take care of your cookie production.

The gameplay seems endless and it is a game that can last for an indefinite amount of time unless you get bored or your device is no longer able to run the game. It has become a highly addictive game and once you start to play it, you won’t notice how the time passes by. You get so involved in the game that you forget about other things.