10 Productivity Tools for Programmers

For Programmers and Developers, getting distracted and procrastinating is a common thing because when they are coding and programming then they get bored and every other thing seems to interest them. They also get lazy and don’t complete their daily tasks. For programmers to stay productive, we have created a list of 10 Productivity Tools for Programmers.

1. Habitica

Habitica is an app that acts as an RPG game where you can progress and level up by completing your daily tasks. As you progress forward by completing your tasks, you find different pets, equipment, and coins, a way to motivate you to keep moving forward.

After you create your account and sign in, you will have to create your character and indicate:

  • Daily Tasks
  • To-Dos
  • Habits

If you are unable to complete a task in a given time frame, your character suffers and for group projects, you can try Habitica’s guilds and group quests.

2. Clockify

For programmers, it is important to keep a track of their time and Clockify is just the program that will help programmers to track the time that they spend on different projects and then get data that shows how productive you were during a certain time (weekly, monthly or yearly).

The app is relatively easy to use and you just have to type in the project that you are working and then start the time. Once you have completed the project, you can click on the end button and it will be added to your time entries.

3. F.lux

F.lux is a program that adjusts and changes the color and temperature of your display according to your location and time which helps your eyes to rest and make sure that you can work comfortably. As the program detects the sunset is near, it changes the tone of the display to a warmer version and when the sunrise is near then the colors return to their usual settings. You can change the settings of the program as you like and change them accordingly.

4. The Silver Searcher

For programmers, searching for a specific code can be both time-consuming and interruptive, therefore, they can save a significant amount of time with the Silver Searcher.

The Silver Searcher is a  code-searching tool, one of the fastest. It saves your time and can search for the codes that you are looking for, much faster than any other program.

5. Intellij IDEA

Intellij IDEA is a Java IDE that has a lot of different functions that will help you in coding across various frameworks and languages. If you run across any code issue or error then it provides the users with suggestions and fixes for code errors. To save time, it offers smart code completion, which occurs after the system analyzes your already finished work.

You can also use Intellij IDEA to analyze your code across different projects and languages to find any kind of connection between them.

6. Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood is an online platform that runs endless sounds of falling rain and thunder.

The sound of falling rain can be soothing for many people and to avoid any disturbance and listening to unnecessary things, one can use the headphones and listen to this for as long as they want to.

7. MantisBT

MantisBT is a bug tracking system that tracks the defects in the softwares and then report them. The program can also be configured to work as a project management tool. When the software detects any issue then it can send updates to the members of your team via email so, everyone gets notified. It also records the changes made to issues, so you can easily track the changes.

8. Git

Git is a program that is used to track any changes made in the files on your PC. It is used mainly for the purpose of source code management.

This is meant usually for a team of developers and each member of the developer team gets a copy of the development history, documents and copies of all the changes made. Instead of functioning over the internet, it works locally providing speed and saving your time.

9. Focusmate

Developers and programmers are always prone to procrastinating because during code they get bored and distracted. Focusmate is a community of different programmers where you are assigned with a random partner who reminds you and makes sure that you do your tasks.

As you create an account and sign in, you will have to set a time for a session. You will be connected with your partner and tell him about your daily tasks. Both of you can then work and also motivate the other one to do the same.

10. Sublime Text

Developers and programmers that are looking for productivity must work in a good coding program. Sublime Text is a code editor that supports various markup and program languages and is also a good choice for a code editor.

The program runs relatively fast and has a clean, simple and enjoyable interface. It lets you navigate through lines and files, make changes to different areas of the code, simultaneously. It also has a distraction-free mode, a full-screen editor, with all UI chrome features hidden.

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